Telephone consultations

Lindfield Medical Practice is now offering telephone and video consultations to all existing patients of the practice who have visited in the last twelve months.  Telephone 9416 1348 to book and the doctor will call you as soon as they have time available or  you can book an allocated time. You can request a specific doctor or speak with the first available doctor.

This consultation will be bulk-billed (free to Medicare card holders). It will include the cost of repeat prescriptions and faxing/posting of referrals or prescriptions. If you have not seen the Doctor in past 12 months you can still book a Telehealth appointment and will be privately billed. 

The doctor may believe it is more suitable for you to have a face to face consultation or suggest referral to another facility,

Your privacy rights are the same for a telephone and video consultation as for a face to face consultation. Please advise the doctor if there are other people in the room with you at the time of the consultation.