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Weight Management

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Dr Eric Pugliesi can expert advice on weight management and healthy living. 


Early in his career, Dr Eric realised that the medical community was not adequately managing obesity so has educated himself in this important area of medicine. He understands the difficulty people with obesity go through, in particular the weight bias and stigma.

Dr Eric feels strongly about the importance of prevention and firmly believes in prescribing diet and lifestyle changes before medication. His take on weight management is a mix of sustainable approaches that will eventually lead to healthy eating behaviours that fit with the patient's lifestyle and take into account the psychology behind the foods they eat. For further information please access Eric's website


His appointments will provide a thorough and timely assessment, education, preventive care and treatment to ensure you receive optimal weight management. Ultimately, Dr Eric will work towards improving your patient-centred outcomes, rather than weight loss alone.


Weight Management appointments can be booked now.

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