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Over 75 Year Old Health Checks

Comprehensive Health Assessments

We provide several nurse-assisted comprehensive health assessments for our patients.


The aim of the Health Assessment is to help maintain a healthy life at home, and ensure your health needs are being met. It is recommended an assessment is performed annually.


This assessment is to assist the doctor compile all the main health information about you and ensure your health is being thoroughly checked. Our practice nurses will do the first part of the assessment and then you will see your regular doctor to complete the assessment, and undertake a physical examination.


The assessment will cover medical, physical, psychological and social aspects of health and the nurse will also provide you with information about services in the area that are available to you if you need them. There are many services that people in the community can access but are not aware of. These include The Community Shopping and Transport Bus, Meal Services, The Community Home Maintenance  Service as well as Respite and Carer assistance, to name a few. This service is directly billed via medicare so you will not have to pay any fee.

You will be provided with as assessment document with all the information summarised.

The assessment may take 45-90 minutes , depending on the complexity.


You cannot book this type of appointment online - please call the practice on 9416 1348.

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