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45-49 Year Old Health Checks

Comprehensive Health Assessments

We provide several nurse-assisted comprehensive health assessments for our patients.


This is a free health promotion service covered by Medicare.

The aim is to detect and prevent chronic disease and encourage early intervention or screening. Our practice nurse will perform the initial part of the assessment and then you will see your regular doctor to complete the assessment.


The health check may include:

  • Updating your medical/family history

  • Reviewing your health issues

  • Blood pressure and weight checks.

  • Organising further investigations such as blood tests

  • Providing advice and information about lifestyle modification. 

If you are currently within the age of 45 and 49 and have any of the following risk factors below then we highly recommend you book a health assessment appointment.

Risk factors:

  1. High blood pressure

  2. Lack of physical activity

  3. Extra weight

  4. Unbalanced diet

  5. High cholesterol

  6. Family history of concern (e.g. cancer, glaucoma, heart disease, depression or diabetes)

  7. Smoking

  8. High stress levels

This appointment can't be booked online so please call 9416 1348. 

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