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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opening hours for pathology?

DHM open Monday to Friday 7.30 am until 3.30pm. They are not open on weekends. Early morning can be busy at times so if you don't need to be fasting for your test we suggest you come after 9am.

Do I need to make an appointment for pathology?

You do not need an appointment for pathology except for some specialised tests, e.g. a glucose tolerance test, a Holter Monitor.

Why don't you bulk bill on Saturdays?

We believe it is important to open a Saturday clinic for those people who are unwell on the weekend, however our operating costs are higher on a weekend. Please also appreciate that our staff and the doctors are giving up time on the weekend to provide this quality service for you.

For non-urgent matters please attend Monday to Friday.

Why do you keep asking my name and address at check in when you know who I am?

As part of our accreditation we must safely establish who you are and ensure our records are kept up to date with your contact details. Our staff are instructed that they must ask every person these details on arrival - no exceptions. This ensures we maintain safe practices and confidentiality. You may be surprised by how many patients we have with the same name.

Why is the doctor running late?

General practice is very unpredictable and no two consultations are ever the same. We try as much as possible to allocate correct time per patient however they may be additional important issues that need to be covered in the consultation. The doctor may have had to have an urgent telephone call or a patient may have had to be squeezed in and attended to urgently.

You can help the doctor to run on time by :

  • arriving on time for your appointment

  • booking longer appointments when you have complex or multiple issues to cover

  • be realistic about what can be covered in a standard 15 minute time slot. 

If the doctor is going to be running very late we will try to notify you if possible. 

Why is there a gap payment (out of pocket costs)?

Governments have failed to increase your Medicare rebate in line with inflation and the CPI (consumer price index) over many years.  As Medicare rebates have not kept pace with the costs of providing medical care, which include rent, equipment and staff wages this has led to an increase in the gap between the rebate and the consulting fee charged. We cannot provide the quality health care that you deserve for the Medicare Rebate only. 

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