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Skin Checks 

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.


If you think you have a suspicious spot or would like to have your skin checked, your first call should be your general practitioner.

Your GP knows your full history, can talk to you about risk factors, examine your skin, advise you about checking your own skin and treat most skin cancers as well as provide other appropriate care. If they feel it necessary they will refer you to a specialist, or recommend a particular skin clinic.

Skin Clinics

Dr Caroline Jenner operates a skin clinic at our practice on alternate Thursdays throughout the year.

She requires a longer appointment (around 30 minutes) to check the whole body for any suspicious skin changes.

Your regular Doctor can also perform a skin check and may also require you to book a longer consultation. Discuss this with the reception staff or the doctor at your next visit.

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