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Scripts, Results & Referrals 

Repeat Prescriptions and Referrals


If you have been seen by a doctor at the practice within the last 12 months you can request a repeat prescription or referral via phone on 9416 1348.  We will arrange for a telehealth appointment for the same day, or the doctor will call you when they are able to. This appointment will attract a fee, based on the complexity and time involved and will generally be partially covered by a Medicare rebate.

You may need to make an face to face appointment:

  • If your regular doctor is not available,

  • For certain medications e.g. restricted medications such as painkillers

  • if you have not had a face to face consultation within the last 12 months.

Electronic prescribing is available. The doctor will  send a link to a QR code to your nominated phone or email. YOu then take or send this to a pharmacy for dispensing. Tokens for repeat prescriptions are provided to you by the dispensing pharmacist. Take a screenshot of your token if you do not want to save the SMS link message. See the government website for more information about digital prescriptions.

We do not post prescriptions or referrals 

It is illegal for our doctors to back date referrals so please do not request this.

Test Results

Our practice has a strict policy regarding confidentiality and data protection and we will only release test results to the person to whom they relate, unless that person has given prior permission for the release of this data, or they are a child under the age of 14, or a person with a disability under the care of a recognised person of responsibility. 


At the time the referral is made clarify with your doctor approximately how long it will take for results, and how you will receive the results. It is always best to receive the results from the doctor who has arranged the investigation as they understand your clinical situation.


Some doctors do not give results over the phone and you will be asked to make a follow up appointment.  Other doctors may arrange for you to receive the results via telehealth, although at times this could need to be changed to seeing you in person, so you may receive  text message or phone  call from our nursing staff to arrange an appointment.

When your doctor is away on leave, abnormal results are always reviewed by a doctor on duty for the day and you may be contacted by him/her should any urgent action be necessary.


It is your responsibility to check you have received your results and to make an appointment to discuss them with your doctor if you are advised to do so.

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