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Please click here for information on travel vaccinations.


All of the Doctors can administer childhood vaccinations and give you expert advice. We hold all government funded childhood, adolescent and adult vaccinations at our practice. 


 The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) can be contacted to gain information or statements about your child's immunisation history on 1800 653 809. 

Your child’s immunisation history on the AIR can help you when you need proof of immunisation for preschool or school enrolment. They will send you a statement when your child turns 18 months old and five years old, or you can request one at any time. You can check the AIR to see if your child meets the immunisation requirements for some family assistance payments, such as the Family Tax Benefit Part A supplement, Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate.

Any missed vaccinations from the School vaccination program are available free of charge.

Influenza vaccination is recommended from May to August each year and is free to patients aged over 65 years, pregnant women and people with chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes. We also stock the private influenza vaccine for all age groups.

Shingles vaccination is available for free for patients aged between 70-79 years old.

For information about which vaccinations are recommended at different ages you can review the National Immunisation Program Schedule website.

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