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Travel Vaccinations

We are fully accredited for all travel vaccines including yellow fever.

An appointment with your doctor is required to take a medical and allergy history, administer the vaccination and provide the best possible care. Some vaccinations require several doses and may need to be given some time before your trip. Every trip is different, so the Doctors need to take different aspects of your travel into account, and will provide advice to keep you safe when away.


We stock most common used travel vaccines and can order vaccines on demand. Please inform our staff if you think the vaccine is not standard (e.g. rabies). 


Our reception staff are not qualified to give travel vaccine advice.


Travel vaccinations are not covered by Medicare and are therefore privately billed.  You can request the price of vaccines from our reception staff or the doctor during the appointment. Some private health cover will partially cover the cost of travel vaccines. Generally the cost of the vaccine is far cheaper than the cost of catching the disease.


For more information on travel destinations and vaccines please contact the Australian government website:

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