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June 2020

Order of Australia

Congratulations to our associate Dr Jill Gordon on her recent appointment as a member of the Order of Australia.

Jill who currently works as a General Practitioner providing psychological services and as Chair of the Australian Doctors Health network, was recognised for her significant service to psychological medicine and to professional medical bodies. She has spent a significant amount of her career dedicated to teaching medical students and training doctors. 

Jill has been an advocate for the well being of doctors through her work at the Doctors' Health Advisory Service NSW and the Australian Doctors' health network.

Jill said she feels very honoured to receive the award and believes  "the award is a recognition that the health of doctors is an important area of medical life and practice".​


September 2022

Self Collection CST
(Pap smears)

The Cervical Screening Test  (CST) replaced the Pap test in 2018. 


Now you are able to collect a CST yourself with a swab - either in the consulting rooms or in the privacy of your home.


If you return an abnormal test an examination with a doctor for further testing will be required.


Self collected CST is as effective at detecting HPV (human papillomavirus) infection as doctor collected CST. HPV is a common infection that may lead to cervical cancer.


If negative, screening is recommended to be repeated after 5 years.

Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable cancers with routine cervical screening. Screening starts at age 25 and can stop after age 74.  You should still have screening even if you have received the HPV vaccines.

Contact us to book your appointment if you think you are due for a test or would like to discuss the self collection option.

talking on phones

September 2022

Telehealth Consultations

We are continuing to offer telephone consultations to patients. Consultations will be privately billed. Click here for more information.

Please call 94161348 to make an appointment or book online. 

If you require repeat prescriptions or referrals a telehealth call will be arranged. We can provide electronic prescriptions which will come via SMS link to a QR code. The pharmacist can dispense after scanning the code.

You may be asked to come in for a consultation or directed to another health provider if this is more appropriate.

The Medicare rebate for this service is only available if you have been attended the practice in the last 12 months (or an infant under 1 year old).

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