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COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics

Pfizer COVID -19 Vaccination Clinics

We are currently offering Pfizer vaccine to our regular patients (who have regularly attended the practice in the past 3 years) and are aged 12 and above. We are no longer offering vaccines to children under 5.

General information:

Australian regulators continue to review all the trials and data available to monitor safety of the vaccines. 

The vaccines stimulate the body’s immune system to produce antibodies against the virus. None of the ingredients can cause COVID-19 or any other infection.


The vaccine will be injected into your upper arm. A booster dose will be given at the recommended time after the first dose. As with any vaccine it may not protect everyone. It is not yet known how long the vaccine protection will last.

Side Effects usually are mild to moderate and resolve within a few days. These can include:

Commonly:     Tenderness, warmth, redness and itch at the injection site. 

                       Headache (50%), fatigue (50%), muscle aches (40%) joint pains (20%)

                       Fever/chills (30%)

                       Nausea (20%)

Uncommonly: Fainting, dizziness.

Rarely:            Allergic reaction including skin rash, swelling, difficulty breathing and anaphylaxis


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